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Business Formation and Sales

We help entrepreneurs form and organize new business entities appropriate to their intended use.  These include single member and multi-member limited liability companies as well as sub-chapter S corporations.  Where necessary, we will help owners reorganize or re-purpose an existing entity including registration of foreign entities doing business in Georgia. We assist in transitioning foreign entities to Georgia entities, or transiting from one type of entity to another.

Formation of an llc has become the preferred vehicle for single purpose activities such as buying and developing real property because of the ease of formation and limitation of liability.  Most of these entities will exist only as long as the principals own the associated real estate.  We assist the organizers and promoters in establishing an efficient management structure for those type of entities to try and minimize operational concerns.

For some businesses an llc is not necessarily the right entity to achieve the organizers' goals.  For instance, a sub-chapter S corporation may be a better vehicle where the startup intends to solicit additional owners while it can have the same tax treatment as an llc.  On the other hand, because of limitations on who can own shares in sub-chapter S corporations, an llc may be necessary.  We help starting businesses work through the decision making process prior to formation.

Where an entity is to be formed to include multiple owners, we assist in preparation of appropriate agreements relating to management, ownership and transfer of shares or entity interests.  Typically in closely held entities where there are a limited number of owners, a dispute resolution structure should be included at the time the business is organized.

We prepare and negotiate purchase and sale agreements relating to business entities and assets.  This includes advice relating to the most advantageous way to acquire, finance and dispose of privately held businesses and/or business assets.  After a business is formed or acquired we provide ongoing advice and consultation.  Where business assets have been sold we help owners work through the disposition and resolution of retained obligations, assets or liabilities.  Our goal is to help maximize value for our clients.

If you are interested in forming a corporation or limited liability company in Georgia, domesticating a foreign entity, or need advice on whether such a step is necessary, please contact us and let us help.

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