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Contract Preparation and Review

We routinely negotiate, draft and review contracts related to the improvement of real property, including sales and financing documents;  we draft and review business formation and foundational documents, service agreements, real and personal property leases, and employment agreements; and we review contracts and provide advice where litigation is considered.

We have reviewed, drafted and litigated a multitude of different types of contracts over the years including the right of first refusal to develop condominiums in a mixed use real estate project in Puerto Rico, breach of an architect's design contract by an apartment developer in Fulton County, Georgia, defense of an employee breach of a Georgia non-compete in the Eastern District of Virginia, and a host of other types of agreements used in business and real estate.  Unlike some of our competitors, we have litigation experience associated with various contract clauses and the associated knowledge of the cost of enforcement.  Our goal is always to assist our clients to achieve their business goals in the most cost effective manner possible.  If we can help you, please contact us.

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