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Useful Links

Below we provide links to business forms which we have used in our practice and links to external sites where you may obtain additional information.  The Georgia Secretary of State site will provide information about forming a business entity in Georgia and will allow you to search for names.  If your primary goal is to create a new entity in Georgia, there are links to the IRS site where you may establish a new taxpayer id number and the Georgia sites for the same purpose.  The Georgia Clerks' Authority website will allow you to search Georgia real estate records after establishing an account.  We've also provided a link to metro Atlanta real estate tax records. 

We have a link to our forms for creating a basic corporation or limited liability company in Georgia.  We also have supplied some other corporate and limited liability company forms that may prove useful.  We caution that no form is appropriate for all situations. 

If you have questions about the use of any of our forms, or need help in forming your new company, please contact us.  Our price for a new entity is very competitive to the price charged by corporation service companies or legal forms providers.  Please review our offer here.

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